Painting & Renovation

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Welcome to Vallamon Painting & Renovation

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We use a wide range of paint and materials of commercial quality. The paint is carefully adapted to the required application and the expected duration for maximum profitability.

  • The quality of the paint we use is what sets us apart from others.
  • We offer a wide range of colours, from several paint manufacturers.

Our goal is to provide you with the best value possible. We offer you a number of alternatives, and also the information that you need so that you'll be entirely satisfied with your final decision.

Renovation Service

We are your drywall installation and repair experts! Call us for your home renovation and commercial project, such as all types of kitchen, bathroom and other room renovations.

Installation of ceramic, wood or floating floors is also something we specialize in.

Cabinet Repairs

We give life back to your kitchen! You decide how much you want done. We respect your budget and are careful how it's spent on each project in your home.

We can recommend VALLAMON Painting & Renovation, to do an excellent job of work on anything you require doing. We had they painting the house, were so impressed that we had they re do our kitchen, which over whelmed us with the results; Definitely an excellent company.
Mary & Don Sutherland.
Excellent work, they left my kitchen spotless, something fresh and extraordinary, what they did in my house.
David Smith.